Sambutlah penyedot debu
Dyson V8 Absolute™ anda.

Cara menggunakan beberapa fitur utama penyedot debu anda.

Perempuan sedang menggunakan penyedot debu Dyson V8 di lantai keras

Daftarkan mesin anda

Anda bisa mendapatkan dukungan yang sesuai kebutuhan, penawaran eksklusif bagi pemilik, dan banyak lagi saat mendaftarkan multi-styler anda.

How to use your machine

Get to know the main parts of your Dyson V8™ machine

  • Empyting the bin

    How to empty the bin hygienically

  • Docking and recharging

    How to fit your dock and recharge your machine

Maintaining your machine

How to clean and maintain your machine's filters

  • Washing the soft roller

    Learn how to wash the Fluffy™ cleaner head.

  • Checking for blockages - Fluffy™ cleaner head

    Follow our step-by-step guide to check for blockages.

  • Resetting the brush bar

    The brush bar is designed to shut off when jammed. Learn how to reset it after removing the cause of the jam.

Useful tips

  • Two power modes

    Two power modes

    Toggle between Powerful mode – for longer suction – and MAX mode, for stronger suction. Just hold down the trigger and slide the control back and forth.

  • Switch accessories quickly

    Switch accessories quickly

    The quick-release tools click into place, and release in moments by simply depressing the release switch.

  • Don't overfill it

    Don't overfill it

    To maintain suction, keep an eye on the bin and empty it as soon as debris reaches the MAX marker.

  • Secure the charging dock

    Secure the charging dock

    Leave at least 1.2m between the floor and the lowest screw point. Make sure it's within easy reach of a power socket so the cable has some slack.

  • Wash the filter regularly

    Wash the filters regularly

    Rinse under a cold tap until the water runs clear – you don't need any detergents. Squeeze out excess water and leave to dry on its side (at least 24 hours) before refitting.

  • Clean awkward spaces

    Clean awkward spaces

    Remove the wand and connect your chosen tool directly to the inlet pipe to use the vacuum as a handheld.

Dock installation guide

Check your docking station installation guide online or download a copy


Frequently asked questions

We recommend that you clean the filter at least once a month. You can find filter maintenance instructions in the machine's User Guide.

No, the use of an extension cable is not recommended.

No. Don't pick up water or other liquids with your machine.