360° Glass HEPA+Carbon air purifier filter

Compatible with:
Dyson Purifier Cool™ (TP04)
Dyson Purifier Cool™ (TP07)
Dyson Purifier Cool™ Formaldehyde (TP09)
Dyson Purifier Cool Gen1 (TP10)

IDR 1.045.000

Compatible with:

Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde TP09
Dyson Purifier Cool TP07

We recommend replacing your air purifier filter every 12 months. That's because over time, filters can get clogged with pollutants, and even let unpleasant odours back into the room.

How to change your filter

Watch the video, or follow the step-by-step guide in your user manual. Before changing your filter, always switch off and unplug your machine.

Guaranteed by Dyson

Using genuine Dyson filters ensures that your machine continues to work effectively, capturing allergens, pollutants and gases.¹ Dyson filters are guaranteed for 12 months, and also protect your machine’s guarantee.