Dyson technology for business

From hand dryers and hair dryers, to vacuums and purifying fans, Dyson technology is engineered with your employees and guests in mind.

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, Dyson Airblade 9kJ hand dryer, Dyson Pure Hot+Cool purifier fan, Dyson Wash+Dry wall in commercial setting

Technology for your business

  • Three Dyson Wash+Dry hand dryers

    Hand dryers

    Dyson Airblade™ hand dryers offer the perfect combination of pioneering technology and sophisticated design.

  • Dyson Supersonic hair dryer on a desk in a hotel room

    Hair care

    Intelligent heat control, a balanced design, acoustic motor tuning and Air Multiplier™ technology combine for a guest experience like no other.

  • Dyson Pure Hot+Cool purifier in commercial setting

    Air treatment

    Engineered with performance and well-being in mind, Dyson purifying fans help create a cleaner, comfortable environment.

  • Dyson V11 vaccum cleaner lifting dirt from carpet


    From small businesses to large organisations, Dyson's powerful vacuums can help you clean more efficiently.

Engineered to create a cleaner, more hygienic workplace

Air purifying fans capture microscopic particles from workplace air.

Cordless vacuums capture particles as small as fine dust and allergens, expelling cleaner air.

Touch-free hand dryers, with HEPA filters that capture 99.95% of particles,1 including bacteria and viruses.

Dyson for Business product line up

"Hal yang membuat kita tertarik adalah apakah teknologi kita bisa menciptakan perbedaan besar dan apakah ini bisa mengerjakan pekerjaan lebih baik dari produk yang sudah ada."

Sir James Dyson
Engineer and Pendiri

James Dyson holding Dyson digital motor

Business sectors

  • Dyson machines in hotel room


    Small details affect the way your guests perceive their stay. Enhance your customer experience by installing five star Dyson technology.

  • Dyson machines in office setting


    For technology to have a positive effect, it must work properly. We strive to set new standards for performance and well-being in business and leisure environments.

  • Dyson technology in students study hall


    Dyson technology can help you deliver an improved study environment by addressing conditions that can affect students' well-being.

  • Aeroplane taking off

    Transport hubs

    Today's travellers expect a more sophisticated travel experience. See how Dyson technology can help your business deliver a 5 star washroom environment.

Useful documents

Explore technical information and installation guides for specifications.

Engineering blueprint

Why choose Dyson for business

1 HEPA filter tested to EN1822-5, by an independent testing laboratory, under prescribed test conditions.