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For us, engineering is everything. We're fiercely dedicated to transforming people's lives with our radical ideas. Just as we constantly strive to identify the problems of the future, we're committed to inspiring and training the engineers who will solve them.

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Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology

The Dyson Institute of Engineering and Technology trains the next generation of engineering enthusiasts. Students at the Dyson Institute hold a real job in Dyson's Global Engineering team, while studying towards a Bachelor of Engineering degree. And because Dyson covers all their tuition fees, they could graduate debt-free.

Dyson engineering student

James Dyson Foundation

The James Dyson Foundation is dedicated to inspiring the future Brunels, Edisons and Faradays of the world. Working with teachers and their pupils, we encourage young people to think differently, make mistakes and realise their engineering potential.

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The James Dyson Award

This international design award celebrates and inspires the next generation of engineers. Run by the James Dyson Foundation, it challenges students to design something that solves a problem. The prize? £30,000, and a global platform to launch their idea.

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